DBS Data Takes Industry Lead with 28 Day Suppression Policy

DBS Data Takes Industry Lead with 28 Day Suppression Policy

Data Not Used Within 28-Days Must Now Be Returned for Suppression Updates

CHELMSFORD, UK, 24th March 2016, DBS Data the UK business and consumer marketing data specialists, today announced that it has taken the lead in managing suppression data by implementing a strict 28-day usage policy. Any data not used within 28-days of supply must now be returned to DBS Data for suppression processing, prior to any further use.

Organisations can often take up to three-months from purchasing data to fulfilling the campaign, longer where data has been purchased on a multiple use license. The new safeguard being introduced by DBS Data is aimed at helping these organisations to ensure that the data they use in their campaigns is protected against data decay. Using only the freshest data gives campaigns the best possible chance of success, reduces wastage and the highest standards of adherence to regulatory compliance.

Managing Director of DBS Data, Adam Williams explains that it is in the interest of all parties to ensure that data is fresh at the point of use.

“If the data we have supplied has not been used within 28 days the URN file must be returned to DBS, where our team will remove the latest suppressions and return it to the client.” Williams adds: “We believe this policy is a first for our industry and we encourage others to follow suit.” He goes on to say: “Shortly we will release our self-serve suppression tool which will give clients ultimate control over updating their files and remaining compliant.”

For clients that lease data on a 12-month basis, DBS will suppress data prior to each use.

The 28-day suppression policy is the latest initiative from DBS Data in its campaign to support organisations in ensuring regulatory compliance, whilst eliminating dirty data and bad ethical practices from the marketing industry. In December 2015, the company launched its news 2.5 million charity donor database, with strict usage limits on the data to protect its integrity.

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