TIM Implements Qognify’s Innovative Solution in Stores Across Brazil

TIM Implements Qognify’s Innovative Solution in Stores Across Brazil

The partnership combines security cameras with Qognify’s security and operations solution to ensure a better experience for TIM Brasil customers

Paramus, New Jersey – April 25, 2016 – Qognify, formerly NICE Security, today announced that TIM Brasil, one of the largest Brazilian mobile phone operators, has implemented a new security and operations solution in its physical stores throughout Brazil. In order to care and provide better security for its customers and staff, the operator will be the first in Brazil to use the Qognify solution to analyze and manage data, in order to anticipate and mitigate risks.

The aim of the pioneering partnership is to use information obtained from Qognify’s Situator, video management solution and analysis tools to adjust processes and take effective action at certain customer service steps. This will create an even better and higher quality experience during customer visits to the operator’s stores. Based on data collected by the solution, it is possible, among other things, to reduce customer waiting times and map out the busiest periods in stores; this information is leveraged for staff planning and to decide on the most appropriate action at any particular moment.

Says Suzana Strauch, Planning and Business Continuity Manager at TIM Brasil:

“This partnership, unprecedented in the industry, is helping us to obtain a wider view of improvements to our contact with consumers. It allows us to take advantage of investments in security to gain unique information from our business operations. Another benefit is increased confidence in managing the unexpected and allowing us to significantly reduce our response times.”

Monitoring can also be used for identifying needs and trends, which can form a basis for constructing new business strategies, such as in a marketing campaign. “We see an increasing interconnection between security technologies and other business areas,” explains Moti Shabtai, president of Qognify.

“Our partnership with TIM Brasil is a perfect example of how Qognify’s solutions can provide an excellent, feasible return on investment in diverse business spheres.”


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