If Leicester City Can Do It Then So Can You!

As a Southampton FC supporter I can’t help look at the phenomenal achievement of Leicester City this season, without despondently asking why it couldn’t have been my team. However, it has also given me and supporters of teams the hope and belief that actually it could be us. What is more, this optimism is infectious. 

Leicester has shown that with a combination of great team spirit, strong leadership, talent, hard-work, the right strategy and tactics, and a touch of luck, the seemingly impossible is possible.

The world of PR and media relations may be far removed from the glamorous world of premier league football (despite what some would have you believe), but many PR professionals, whether working in-house, or agency, should look at what Leicester City has done and ask themselves, what seemingly impossible goal can I try to reach. For many it will be hitting the front-page of a broadsheet newspaper, an interview on Newsnight, or a stint on the BBC Breakfast sofa. For others the aspiration may not be so bold but similarly challenging, whether it be to get a prized customer to agree to a case study, or winning a top industry award.

Often the greatest challenge is being brave enough to challenge yourself. Have the courage to build a compelling story and then pitch it to a forward-planning team, producer, editor or reporter. Yes, you will get knocked back, but Leicester didn’t win every game they played! However, every time they were beaten they learned from their mistakes, prepared and played again.

Often, PR professionals can become a little too battle weary, cynical and sceptical. Put us in a room together and we are often own worst enemies, discussing why certain things simply won’t work (why won’t the client understand!) before even giving them a go.

Leicester couldn’t win the Premier League but they did. Think about what you want to achieve and start working towards it. You will learn more, enjoy more and hopefully win more. 

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