Qognify is Helping Keep One of China’s Largest Airports Safe

Qognify is Helping Keep One of China’s Largest Airports Safe

Hongqiao Airport uses Qognify’s solution to ensure both operational continuity and airport security

Paramus, New Jersey – May 18, 2016 – Qognify, formerly NICE Security, today announced that Hongqiao Airport in Shanghai, China, is marking the seventh anniversary since its implementation of Qognify’s Video Management Solution. Airport management has leveraged the security solution’s stability and versatility to expand its role further, to ensure smooth airport operations.

Hongqiao Airport, the primary domestic airport serving Shanghai, has grown significantly in the past several years. It is now the fourth busiest airport in China, regularly handling over 30,000,000 passengers annually, as well as being mainland China’s fifth busiest air cargo transit point. It is also part of the Hongqiao Transportation Hub, the first of its kind in China and the largest in the world.

Qognify’s video surveillance solutions have been an essential element of Hongqiao Airport security and operational continuity. Currently, Qognify’s Video Management Solution is monitoring, managing and recording over 1,500 video cameras in the airport’s landside and airside operations areas. This includes a centralized operations center, with enhanced video management technology, collating high-resolution video feeds from the gates, the airport apron, the parking lots, and the airfield, as well as certain parts of the transportation hub. Advanced capabilities of the Video Management Solution deployed at Hongqiao Airport include visual parameters optimization and camera tampering detection.

Mr. Sheng Lu, Senior Project Manager for Hongqiao Airport, said:

“Qognify has demonstrated an in-depth knowledge of airport operations and security procedures, and an understanding of our technology needs over the years. The company’s security solution has the quality, scalability and functionality we need to maintain comprehensive security and consistent operations, even as we grow to serve more and more of the public.”

The flexible capabilities of the Qognify Video Management Solution, as cited by Mr. Lu, have meant that Hongqiao Airport enjoys a relatively low total cost of ownership for the system.

Moti Shabtai, President of Qognify, commented:

“We are proud to have been able to address the surveillance needs of one of the foremost passenger and freight airports in the world over the past seven years. Hongqiao Airport’s use of advanced technology not only for security and safety, but also for gains in operational efficiency has been an impressive example of the potential applications of Qognify’s solution for airports.”

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