The Cloud for Europe Project Announces the Start of Pre-Commercial Procurement Phase

The Cloud for Europe Project Announces the Start of Pre-Commercial Procurement Phase

BRUSSELS, 8th JUNE 2016 – Cloud for Europe has announced that the pre-commercial procurement (PCP) preparation phase for cloud computing has commenced for lot 1 with Cap Gemini consortium, Cloud Security Alliance Consortium, Fundación Tecnalia and Interway SRO consortium signing the framework agreement, and for lot 2 Teamnet International SA consortium and Sielte SPA consortium. The other tenderers are expected to follow soon given that the first phase is expected to end at the beginning of August 2016.

The Cloud for Europe is co-funded by the European Commission under the Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (FP7). The three-year project, which began in 2013, gathers 24 partners from 12 countries to address the objectives of the European Cloud Partnership and helps partners to adopt a well-defined European Cloud Computing Strategy for the public sector.

During the first phase of the PCP all the preparatory work needed for implementing the tender has been completed, including analysis of European public sector requirements, market situation and the relevant standardisation landscape.  This initial phase has been finalised with the release of the PCP tender. Within phase two solutions will being prototyped, evaluated, assessed and selected.

In parallel lessons learnt will be formulated into best practices and recommendations for future PCP activities. This includes establishing suitable contractual terms and conditions for future cloud procurements. Guidance and training materials will be produced for industry as potential tenderers, as well as for public authorities who would like to apply a PCP scheme to procure cloud services. Training events will be organised for both industry and public authorities.

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