Fresh Relevance Wins at Test Valley Business Awards 2016

Fresh Relevance Wins at Test Valley Business Awards 2016

Marketing Hub for Online Retailers Receives Innovation & Technology Award

Fresh Relevance, the marketing hub for online retailers, today announced that it has won the Innovation & Technology Award at the 12th annual Test Valley Business Awards.  CEO of Fresh Relevance, Mike Austin was presented with the award by Chief Executive of Southampton Science Park, Peter Birkett, during a gala ceremony hosted at the Lights in Andover on Thursday 22nd September.

The Test Valley Business Awards celebrate the achievements of businesses in the region. With its head-office located at the Southampton Science Park, Fresh Relevance is at the forefront of e-commerce. The company provides online retailers with ground-breaking technologies that help them to win customers, increase sales and deliver an improve personalised customer experience. Today, more than 250 organisations depend on Fresh Relevance every day for their e-commerce operations.

Mike Austin comments:

“To win an award that recognises innovation and technology is particularly special, as it is at the heart of what we do. We develop every solution so that it can be easily used without needing to understand how the technology words.” Austin adds: “The world of online retail is fast-paced, so giving retailers the power to respond in real-time to market conditions, with new offers, campaigns and personalised content, can make a huge difference to the bottom line.” 

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