DBS Data passes DMA’s updated data compliance process

DBS Data passes DMA’s updated data compliance process

Business and consumer marketing data specialist volunteers to take part in industry body’s pilot

 CHELMSFORD, UK, 21st OCTOBER 2016: Today DBS Data, the UK business and consumer marketing data specialists, can announce it has passed the DMA’s extended compliance audit process for data businesses. As a leader in the sector, the business was invited to participate in the pilot of association’s additional external audit, during which its policies and processes were independently scrutinised.

The external audit process is designed and owned by the DMA, but executed by DQM GRC as an independent third party auditor with specialist knowledge in data governance, risk mitigation, compliance advisory services. As part of the audit process, the team of independent assessors reviewed DBS Data’s approach to key data issues, such as:

  • Supplier and client relationships and contracts
  • Consent, privacy, security, age, engagement of data
  • Suppression processes
  • Retention policy
  • Training
  • Selection, extraction and delivery of data

Adam Williams, Managing Director of DBS Data, said:

“At DBS Data we always want to lead the way in compliance, so taking part in the DMA’s pilot and passing the audit means a great deal to everyone at the company. It’s reassuring to us, our partners and clients that independent scrutiny has confirmed our approach to compliance is reaching highest standards. We continue to make significant operational investment and drive innovation in an attempt to continue to set the standard for others in the industry to follow.”

One such innovation was the introduction of the industry first 28-day suppression policy in March 2016, whereby any data supplied by DBS Data and not used within 28-days of supply must be returned to the company for suppression processing.

DBS Data’s tough stance on compliance and strong relationship with the DMA, driving awareness across the data-driven marketing industry for General Data Protection Regulation, was also a key factor in Communisis Data Intelligence electing to work with the company. Former Managing Director of Communisis, Lee Witherell, comments:

“There is a chain of trust that runs from the customers of our clients, through to us and the providers of the data we use. Working with DBS Data our links in that chain are strong and all of our clients can be safe in the knowledge that we are fully GDPR compliant.”

Rachel Aldighieri, MD at the DMA, comments:

“In an increasingly connected world, data forms the backbone of many businesses. Customers need to be able to trust that any data a company has on them will be treated in the correct way and that any business is being transparent about how they want to use that information. By agreeing to take part in our compliance pilot and passing the audit, DBS Data has shown that it believes in working to the highest standards.”

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