Mopinion expands its sales and marketing team with seven new recruits

Mopinion expands its sales and marketing team with seven new recruits

Mopinion is proud to announce the expansion of its sales and marketing team, with seven new employees having joined the company over the past two months.

Udesh Jadnanansing, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Mopinion commented:

“With the substantial growth and investment in Mopinion this year we are delighted to announce our new team members. Having taken on seven new professionals over the last two months, we expect to hire for three more roles over the next month to meet the demands of our expansion.”

Mopinion’s new staff members consist of:

  • Jason Culligan – Lead Generation Specialist
  • Luke Price – Inside Sales Manager
  • Sjoerd van der Plas – Insides Sales Manager
  • Thiara Beijl – Office Manager
  • Arthur Samson – Online Marketeer
  • Lindsey van Leeuwen – Sales Executive
  • Erin Gilliam – Content Marketeer

Meeting growth and demand

Reflecting upon the team expansion Udesh commented:

“Growth is certainly a major player in our recent expansion. With the increased demand for advanced customer feedback analysis software, Mopinion has extended its reach to other countries and sizable markets, including the US and the UK.”

Developments across the company have played a key role in the growth requirements, as Udesh continued:

“A key component has been the release of our latest software, which includes many self-service components for users who wish to set up online feedback projects themselves. It serves as a scalable solution which can be perfectly applied to these larger markets. We aim to harness this growth and leverage it to help us achieve global market leader status in website feedback analysis. We liken our proposition to the Google Analytics of online customer feedback.”

A combination of skills

Mopinion has recruited a diverse skillset to meet the demands of its business. As Lead Generation Specialist, Jason Culligan is the first port of call for businesses interested in taking their digital experience from good, up to world-class.

As the new Inside Sales Managers, Luke Price is focussing on the UK market, whilst Sjoerd van der Plas will focus on the Dutch market.

Office Manager Thiara Beijl provides administrative support to the company’s managers and is also responsible for internal business processes. Online Marketeer Arthur Samson is setting up and optimising SEA, SEO, and the Quality Score for Google AdWords.

Sales Executive Lindsey van Leeuwen Lindsey is responsible for generating new leads in the American market as well as supporting the marketing team. Content Marketeer Erin Gilliam is expanding the company’s digital footprint, by generating relevant content for Mopinion’s blog.

Future growth

Udesh concluded:

“This increased number of staff is a direct result of the investment secured earlier this year from a group of investors led by Capital Mills. We are very optimistic that the additions to these teams will help further contribute to our growth and give Mopinion the boost it needs in order to evolve into the global market leader it deserves to be.”  

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