Glassbox Launches Digital Experience Performance Analytics Solution For Precise Measurement of Customer Experience in Digital Channels

Glassbox Launches Digital Experience Performance Analytics Solution For

Precise Measurement of Customer Experience in Digital Channels

Just a One Second Delay in Load Time Can Decrease Customer Satisfaction by Approximately 16%

London 17th November 2016 – Glassbox Digital launches its Digital Experience Performance Analytics (DEPA), for a unified view of channel-performance KPI’s and digital business metrics. With customers unwilling to wait more than three seconds for content and website performance affecting SEO rankings, it is key for enterprises to be able to see the link between digital performance issues, online customer experiences and business outcomes.

Glassbox DEPA provides this visualisation to both digital and IT professionals, with continuous monitoring – from site level measurements to single customer views and advanced session replay capabilities, making it easier to ensure optimal online performance, enhanced customer experience and positive business impact.

The importance of website performance on the customer experience is highlighted in research revealing that 47% of customers expect a webpage to load within two seconds, and 40% will abandon if it takes more than three seconds to appear. Unsurprisingly, the majority of customers (79%) dissatisfied with the performance of a website would be less likely to buy from same site again and as little as a one second delay decreases customer satisfaction by approximately 16%. But many organisations feel these performance issues remain only visible to IT and not to the business; creating a disconnect that often leaves customers frustrated and impacts both top and bottom line.

Glassbox Co-founder and CTO, Yaron Gueta states:

“Clearly, just a few seconds can have a huge impact on so many aspects of the business including customer acquisition, conversion rates, retention, advocacy and customer satisfaction. Better cross-organisational visibility and control of all digital channels – including site usability monitoring and agile IT troubleshooting capabilities have become crucial.”

Gueta adds:

“Glassbox DEPA will not only raise the alarm if an issue occurs, but is also an invaluable tool to accurately test and optimise new campaigns, content, online workflows and microsites before going live.”

In addition to the impact of website and mobile app performance on customer satisfaction, it can also have an adverse effect on SEO ranking, with Google using its as one of the 200 signals that determine ranking.

The new DEPA module, was designed by Glassbox in collaboration with one of the largest banks in the US for this very purpose. It goes beyond even the most advanced web analytics and performance management solutions, which do not provide the necessary insight regarding the behaviour of digital channels in terms of availability and performance, and the resulting impact on the customer Experience. Sessions can be replayed exactly as they were experienced by the customer, bypassing the tedious error reproduction exercise with accurate and rapid diagnosis to solve the issue.

DEPA also provides alerts when an issue is automatically detected, that may not visible to the person browsing the website (e.g. communication flows between client and server and discrepancy of page load times). Glassbox DEPA combines the client perspective vs. server perspective and provides a true view solution.

The Digital Experience Performance Analytics module is available now from Glassbox.

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