Swisscom Employs NICE Real-Time Authentication to Provide Customers an Improved and More Secure Experience

Swisscom Employs NICE Real-Time Authentication to Provide Customers an Improved and More Secure Experience

 Switzerland’s leading telecom leverages NICE’s voice-based authentication solution to more securely and efficiently address customers’ service requests without the hassles of traditional authentication questions

Hoboken, N.J., December 7, 2016 – NICE (Nasdaq:NICE) today announced that Swisscom, Switzerland’s leading telecom company, has introduced NICE Real-Time Authentication into its contact centre to provide over six million customers a faster and more secure experience.

By using the NICE solution, Swisscom reduces the time it takes to confirm its customers’ identity by an average of 22 seconds. The quick and seamless authentication process takes place during the natural flow of conversation, eliminating the hassle of traditional knowledge-based questions. This enables Swisscom’s call centre agents to remain fully focused on addressing the issue at hand in order to deliver better service, improve customer satisfaction, and maximise efficiency.

NICE’s voice-based authentication solution also offers greater protection for Swisscom customers as biometrics-based authentication is more secure than other caller identification methods. Moreover, the solution can quickly prompt contact centre agents to take action in response to a mismatched caller voiceprint.

Pascal Jaggi, Head of Customer Care, Swisscom

“Personal data security is an increasing concern for all customers, yet we recognised the often frustrating experience of traditional authentication processes. With NICE Real-Time Authentication, we are able to create the right balance by offering an easier, more secure, and more reliable way of verifying our callers’ identities while providing great service. This is a huge differentiator for Swisscom, setting us apart as a leader and innovator in the telco market.”

John O’Hara, President, NICE EMEA

“Together with our local Swiss partner Mobatime AG, we are proud to support a major European telco customer as it achieves its goals of increasing contact centre efficiency, reducing handle time, improving service level adherence, and boosting NPS results. Swisscom’s adoption of Real-Time Authentication is setting the stage for innovative call centre practices across verticals in Europe. Voice biometrics authentication provides a secure environment for contact centre interactions, while also driving perfect customer experiences.”

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