NICE Introduces Nexidia Analytics – the Next Generation of Interaction Analytics

NICE Introduces Nexidia Analytics – the Next Generation of Interaction Analytics

NICE (Nasdaq:NICE) introduces its next generation interaction analytics solution, based on the Nexidia platform, which sets a new standard for accurate, real-time omni-channel analysis.

The Nexidia Analytics solution, which incorporates best-of-breed capabilities from both Nexidia and NICE, uses deep learning neural networks to perform sophisticated audio and text search across interaction types, such as calls, chats, emails, and surveys. The robust, recording-agnostic solution delivers unmatched value as a driver of business insights. Coupled with NICE’s existing analytics capabilities, the next generation analytics platform will equip new and existing customers with the tools to achieve business success across the enterprise.

“Speech and text analytics are the most effective tools for gaining insight into customers’ and prospects’ opinions, needs and wants,” said Donna Fluss, President of DMG Consulting LLC. “Companies need omni-channel solutions that provide a fully integrated view of customer interactions. It’s essential to know what customers and prospects are doing and saying in all channels, at all times, so that the company can take the right actions and deliver a personalised experience to each individual who reaches out to them.”

“We are proud to offer the most advanced analytics solution in the market, which encompasses our vision of ‘analytics with no limits,” said Miki Migdal, President of the NICE Enterprise Product Group. “Leveraging Nexidia’s leading capabilities, the latest NICE solution offers unparalleled accuracy, scalability and performance, enabling organisations around the globe to capitalise on the powerful insights from their omni-channel interactions. Infusing analytics into all our solutions is a pivotal strategy for NICE, and the integration of this technology with our WFO suite represents another critical step in reinventing customer service.”

NICE’s Next Generation Interaction Analytics solution is fully integrated with NICE Engage, Quality Management and Performance Management, and includes the following capabilities:

  • A single, uniform administration tool for phone calls, chats, emails, surveys and other interactions, eliminating siloed analytics applications and databases for each interaction type and allowing cross-channel workflows
  • Root cause analysis independent of the customer’s chosen contact method, as well as extended cross-channel insights. This allows analysts to identify, for instance, whether a particular contact method is preferred and why; whether one channel is used consistently following another; whether efforts to push more interactions to self-service or chat are successful
  • Integrated reporting and query building reflecting complete omni-channel interaction analysis
  • Role-specific interface dashboards, configured for both supervisors and agents
  • Advanced linguistic and statistical text mining for integration with any leading Big Data analysis tool

    To learn more about the Nexidia Analytics solution, click here.

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