If a picture ‘paints a thousand words’, how many do you get for a video?!

Anyone who works in PR knows that words are the basic tools we use to ensure the world hears what we have to say. At Chief PR, we are obsessed with words, looking for the best ways to convey exactly what businesses want to say, to the people they want to hear it.

We love nothing more than sitting down with a notebook full of ideas and an empty screen to fill (although some people might view that as ‘hell’!), enjoying the satisfaction of creating fresh new content. However, we have also broadened our horizons somewhat with a concerted foray into the world of video blogging (Vlogging if you will).

Making a video in its self isn’t ground-breaking, but what it does do is present ideas or information in a personal and engaging way. Think about what you view online – if you use social media or enjoy news content its very likely that you are viewing video content all the time, and I am sure you will often choose it over reading a large amount of text.

Moving back to PR, we regularly meet our clients face-to-face, not only to develop their campaign specifics but also to ‘chew the fat’. Often the best ideas or most engaging conversations come from talking about how their business is going or industry gossip. Sometimes we just need a good explanation of something – it’s easy to assume everyone knows the basics of your industry, but often that isn’t the case!

It became very clear to us that if we find this sort of discussion engaging and interesting enough to write about, it has merit to stand on its own two feet as content as well. We are not talking about an Oscar Winner here (the awards ceremony will be far too political for a group of PR professionals anyway!), but rather a video version of the kind of written blog we would normally produce on behalf of an expert in their field.

Producing a Vlog is always enjoyable, discussing questions to ask, talking about the content we want to include and setting up a simple background set is all part of the fun! Understandably having a camera pointed at you can make some people nervous. But with full control over the edit, and a relaxed and friendly interview scenario, it is easy to soon forget the lens facing you and to start discussing your topic of expertise naturally.

Rather brilliantly it is also ridiculously easy to share a Vlog online – you can put it on your website, share it in a more traditional blog, propagate it throughout social media (hopefully being shared by your followers too!) and even embed it in a presentation (a great way to use engaging content when you are talking to potential customers!)

Unlike a highly polished corporate video, a Vlog concentrates on the people behind your brand, showing a human face and expertise which is what we all want to buy into when we choose a supplier.

Producing a Vlog is quick too, this kind of ‘guerrilla’ filmmaking lends itself very well to topical events or news. With a modest amount of company logos and titles you have a great piece of official content that is ‘straight from the horse’s mouth’. It’s also a superb accompaniment to all the other great messages your business will be presenting to customers and the wider market.     

So, in answer to my rather loaded title, a video can ‘paint’ as many words as you like, as it captures the nuances as well as the more obvious points your professional business wants to show the world.

Author: Simon Hewitt, Chief PR



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