TrustSeed SAS Joins EEMA to Develop Partnerships with Technology Providers and Large Corporations

TrustSeed SAS Joins EEMA to Develop Partnerships with Technology Providers and Large Corporations

EEMA,  the leading independent not for profit, European think tank focussing on identification, authentication, privacy, risk management, cyber security, the Internet of Things and mobile applications, today announced TrustSeed SAS as its latest corporate member.

Based in France, TrustSeed SAS is a multi-award winning research, development and innovation company in the field of digital socio-professional networks. In 2016, TrustSeed SAS won the European Commission’s Award for Excellence in security and trust architectures for companies. The company is planning to launch a professional demonstration platform for inter-enterprise networks, which takes into account the constraints of eIDAS and GDPR, as well as the certification requirements for software products and mechanisms for traceability treated in blockchain.

CEO and Founder of TrustSeed SAS Eric Blot-Lefevre explains why the company has joined EEMA:

“EEMA presents TrustSeed SAS with opportunities for exchanges of expertise and collaborative work, and to develop strong partnerships with technology providers and business development within large corporate organisations.” He adds: “Through EEMA we aim to educate companies and facilitate change management and the evolution of their business model in a digital economy.”

Chair of EEMA, Jon Shamah comments:

“We are delighted to officially welcome TrustSeed SAS to EEMA and look forward to assisting the company in taking full advantage of its membership. The company and notably Eric Blot-Lefevre has been an active participant in EEMA activities in recent years, most recently presenting at EEMA’s ISSE conference in Paris.”

For more information about EEMA membership visit:

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