DBS Data Partners with The Software Bureau to Provide Purifi Suppression File to Cygnus Users

DBS Data Partners with The Software Bureau to Provide Purifi Suppression File to Cygnus Users

DBS Data the UK business and consumer marketing data specialists, today revealed that The Software Bureau has added Purifi to its portfolio, providing organisations using the Cygnus data processing suite with a 31 million record goneaway suppression file. 

Over 7m people move home each year in the UK and many do not keep the organisations they do business with up-to-date. It is one of the main contributors to data decay, resulting in lots of money being wasted, as campaigns and correspondence are sent to the wrong address. In fact, The Software Bureau states that data integrity erodes at 30% per year. Poor quality data can also have a detrimental effect on customer relationships, brand reputation and even compliance. An important and simple way to help prevent data erosion is to use a high-quality suppression file, such as Purifi. 

Built in-house by DBS Data and launched in 2015, Purifi comprises 31 million UK household records. It includes full postal contact details, 180,000 re-location addresses and 50-100k new mover records every month.  Adam Williams, Managing Director of DBS Data, comments:

“Purifi offers Cygnus users a highly cost effective and accurate data suppression file that reduces unnecessary wastage through the maintenance of a good clean, compliant customer database.”

The Cygnus data processing suite can handle all an organisations data processing needs in one place, from simple deduplication to complex data processing workflows. Martin Rides, Managing Director of the Software Bureau, adds:

“Here at The Software Bureau we have always been committed to offering the most comprehensive selection of suppression and home mover data sets within our Cygnus data processing suite. We are delighted to add the 31 million suppression and home mover records from DBS data to the half a billion records available to the direct mail providers, data bureaus and organisations committed to improving the quality of direct mail.”

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