The E-Forum Joins the European Trust Foundation – Independent Body Strengthening Digital Trust in Europe Signs 13 Member Organisations in First Year

 EEMA, the leading independent not for profit, European think tank focussing on identification, authentication, privacy, risk management, cyber security, the Internet of Things and mobile applications, today announced that the E-Forum has joined the European Trust Foundation. Registered in Belgium, E-Forum is a not-for-profit association bringing together interested parties, active in the field of eGovernment in Europe.

The European Trust Foundation is an independent body working with governments, corporates, trade-associations, SME bodies and others within and outside the EU, to strengthen digital trust throughout Europe. Launched in 2016, it is co-ordinated by EEMA and comprises 13 members – EEMA, E-Forum, ESI, IDnext, Kantara Initiative, LSEC, MEF, Norstella, OpenSignature, PIMN, SSEDIC2020, TDL and Vendorcom.

The newest European Trust Foundation member is dedicated to analysing the future needs of smart governance and smart cities in Europe, and promoting excellence in defining solutions to those needs by bringing private and public actors together. In recent years, it has specialised in Identity Management and EU-China Smart City development. The E-FORUM has also participated in many EU funded projects ranging from STORK (the pre-cursor to eIDAS) and EKSISTENZ covering Identity Theft, to others having e-Identity as a core enabler, such as FAST secure messaging.

Dr Shaun Topham, President of E-Forum states: “The E-Forum is pleased to be joining the European Trust Foundation, as we regard e-Identity, not so much as a product, but as a movement towards utilising such technologies for the benefit of everyone. By working with others who are travelling in the same direction, we hope that we can all achieve more and in less time, collectively tackling many of the obstacles standing in the way of progress.”

Chair of EEMA, Jon Shamah states: “One year on since EEMA launched the European Trust Foundation and we have assembled a collective of 13 like-minded organisations, all working in collaboration to strengthen digital trust throughout the EU and beyond. The work of the E-Forum in areas such as e-Identity means they are able to make a significant contribution to this important initiative.”

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