Qognify Increases Situation Management with New Cloud Based Mobile Solution Suite- Qognify Extend – Now field resources and personnel can effectively transmit real-time information including images, video and accurate location

Qognify Increases Situation Management with New Cloud Based Mobile Solution Suite- Qognify Extend

Now field resources and personnel can effectively transmit real-time information including images, video and accurate location

Qognify, the leader in big data solutions for physical security and operations, today announced that it has launched a new suite of integrated mobile solutions, Qognify Extend, empowering organistions to leverage field resources and responders to increase situational awareness.

Powered by CloudScann, the cloud-based solution effectively extends the reach, coverage and effectiveness of an enterprise’s control room and operations, by enabling personnel — and their smartphones — to become powerful sensors.

Leveraging Situator open architecture for value added solutions

Qognify Situator has been the leading Situation Management solution in the market and is in the heart of security and operations programs around the globe.  One if its key values is its open platform architecture that is allowing value added partners to develop applications on top of Situator extending its capabilities. This open platform architecture creates a force multiplier as value added partners leverage the platform to develop further applications and solutions.

The Qognify Extend suite includes several modules:

  • SeeItSendIt geared to enable field personnel to report into the control room using their smartphones.
  • Live Video Broadcast, a special module allowing field personnel to broadcast live video directly to the control room.
  • Dispatch – provides operators with simple Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) functionality, including locating the closest guard, suggesting best route to the incident, sending notifications and comments to guards’ mobile phones.
  • Personal Safety Module gives users basic personal security features, including, the ability to monitor an individual’s progress along a route, immediate report of distress situations via a “panic button”, and alerting to any failure to arrive safely.
  • Qognify VICC (Visual Intelligence Command Center) – a desktop application that collects and aggregates the information from the various mobile applications, presenting it on a map – enabling control room operators to get complete situational awareness.

Combining technology, people and process

Integrated with Situator or VisionHub, the Qognify Extend suite was designed for flexibility and can also work as a stand-alone solution.

As part of the integration with Qognify’s Situator and VisionHub solutions, incidents are automatically triggered in Situator, including textual, visual and geographic information observed and captured by the smartphone.

Advanced GIS capabilities provide display of the location on a map, yielding essential information about the specific place that needs to be examined; the associated video feed from surveillance cameras in the area will pop-up, and an adaptive response plan, based on the organisation best practices guides the operator actions. Connectivity to VisionHub and Qognify’s video analytics suite, means additional power to automatically analyse the information received and take effective action, such as with the case of apprehending a suspect at the scene with Suspect Search.

CloudScann, a Subject Matter Expert in the domain of crowdsourcing, human intelligence and data mining for the Enterprise market, teams with Qognify to provide a suite of applications integrated with Qognify’s solutions, bringing rich information from the field into the control room to help enterprises to better protect the public, customers, and employees under the Qognify Extend umbrella.

“We’re proud to partner with Qognify, the leader in Situation Management,” said Dan Kerning, CEO CloudScann. “extending to the field is firstly about collecting invaluable information, yet the trick is establishing the link to the control room, and providing a new layer of data and intelligence, allowing operators to act faster to resolve them.”

Moti Shabtai, CEO and President of Qognify: “The ubiquitous nature of smartphones together with their range of capabilities, makes them an ideal tool to leverage for improving security, safety and operations. Bringing these into Situator and VisionHub is a no-brainer, as it’s the Qognify vision is to provide as many sources of information as possible- smartly. With Qognify Extend, organisations can literally extend coverage, turning personnel and their mobile phones into smart sensors.” 

The Qognify Extend Suite will be presented live during ASIS International 2017, at the Qognify booth, #1515.

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