Authlogics Password-less Windows Desktop transforms the morning login ritual for millions of workers – Secure password-less entry for every Windows desktop and server with Multi-Factor Authentication

Authlogics Password-less Windows Desktop transforms the morning login ritual for millions of workers

Secure password-less entry for every Windows desktop and server with Multi-Factor Authentication

Authlogics today made the password login to Windows obsolete with the announcement of its Password-less logon solution for Windows Desktops. Available now for Windows 7 and above, it also delivers integrated offline multi-factor authentication for greater security, improved user convenience and tighter compliance.

For millions of people the working day begins by switching on their computer and typing their username and password. The Authlogics Password-less Windows Desktop removes the password piece with its patented technology, offering a choice (or combination) of its multi-factor solutions – PINgrid, PINphrase and PINpass.

How Authlogics Passwordless Windows Desktop works

Using award-winning PINgrid technology, the user switches on their device and instead of being presented with a blank box to type the password, they can be presented with a deviceless on-screen PINgrid challenge. The user can also use the Authlogics Authenticator soft-token mobile app for two-factor authentication instead. All they need to do is type in the numbers that appear in the squares of their unique pattern, which is their One Time Code (OTC). These numbers change every 60 seconds, so no two logins are ever the same. Crucially, the device does not need to be connected to the Internet when logging in and works 100% offline – even with two-factor authentication.

The Windows Desktop Password-less Logon solution also works as a single sign-on for Office 365 on an internal work network. Once logged into the Windows Desktop, the user will never have to enter their Office 365 credentials resulting in huge amount of time savings.

CEO of Authlogics, Steven Hope explains: “An organisation can roll-out Authlogics Password-less Windows Desktop solution to thousands of devices in minutes, immediately strengthening the security of every device along with the data stored on it, or the data it is able to access. Now the user never needs to remember their password and each time they login it is with a OTC.”

The solution also offers compliance teams an easy way to confirm whether a person that accessed data on a device was the person authorised to do so. Hope adds: “In order to login to Windows and access the device you need to know what the user’s pattern is, and as only the user knows the correct pattern, it cannot be contested.”

Successful pilot projects completed

Authlogics Password-less Windows Desktop has been successfully trialled by an insurance company and school district in the US. “Microsoft’s focus on improving the security of applications running on Windows rather than the operating system itself, is causing many organisations to look for ways to secure their entry and endpoints,” explains Hope. He continues: “The success of these pilot projects has proven that it can easily be achieved and they have already caught the attention of other organisations that have identified the same issue.”

Availability and pricing

Authlogics Password-less Windows Desktop is available to deploy globally today and is included as standard within the Authlogics Multi Factor Authentication licence, which can be purchased on a subscription basis.

Authlogics provides a holistic, all-inclusive true multi-factor authentication solution consisting of three authentication technologies allowing a secure password-less logon to Windows Desktop machines, Remote Desktop servers, VPNs and Cloud hosted applications. Authlogics also includes three different authentication factors from Device-less (1.5) Factor through to 3 Factor authentication, Two-way Identification solution for agent-caller verification on phone and AuthentiDoc which provides One-Time-Passcode document encryption; all of which are highly adaptable to secure a multitude of systems within your environment.

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