Qognify’s Security and Operations Portfolio Fully Integrated with Software House C▪CURE 9000 Access Control

Qognify Situator and VisionHub are approved to seamlessly integrate with Software House C▪CURE 9000 for enhanced identity management and access control

Qognify, the leader in big data solutions for physical security and operations, today announced that Johnson Controls has approved Qognify Situator and VisionHub for integration with its latest Software House C▪CURE 9000 access control solution, enabling effective management of access control through a single smart platform.

Covering the recent C▪CURE 9000 2.40, 2.50 and 2.60 releases, the integration links access control records with alerts, alarms and video; enabling faster and more effective responses in the event of a security breach. Key processes are automated, such as receiving an alarm, executing commands for example arm, disarm and bypass sensors, as well as other commands, ensuring that all access control information can be monitored, analysed and correlated in conjunction with data from other connected systems. The joint solution contributes to enhanced identity management and access control, delivering improved security as well as cost and time savings.

The integrated solution allows customers to benefit from a trusted flow of information and for their control room operators to focus on managing the situation rather than handling actions and alerts from different systems.

The new partnership enables alignment with Johnson Control’s vision to add mission critical solutions to its portfolio of integrations through the Connected Partner Program.  The aim of the program is to allow potential technology partners to integrate with Johnson Control’s in-house brands, adding superior capabilities and value. The program brings together industry leading solutions, providing a platform for partners to promote and market their value-added third-party solutions throughout Johnson Control’s brands on a global scale.

“The integration of the Qognify portfolio with C•CURE 9000 yields a powerful solution that simplifies access control management”, said Moti Shabtai, CEO & President of Qognify. “We continuously strive to offer customers a wide selection of integration options to fit their specific needs, and enabling customers to glean insights as well as situational awareness from the sea of data of their formerly siloed systems now integrated and correlated with Situator and VisionHub.”