Glassbox Triples Revenues Leveraging its best in-class Automatic Insight Solution for Web and Mobile App

Glassbox Triples Revenues Leveraging its best in-class Automatic Insight Solution for Web and Mobile App

 Glassbox announces massive growth and serial displacements of legacy technology for Tier-1 Financial Services, Telco and E-Travel companies

Glassbox today announced that it has tripled revenue year-over-year. With new customers spanning across the Financial Services, Telecommunications, Airlines and Travel industries, primarily among Fortune 500 companies, it’s become clear that Glassbox’s global expansion – which started only two years ago – is bearing fruits at a pace exceeding even its own expectations. 

“Enterprises must provide sleek and secure online experiences, while ensuring digital compliance. They cannot afford anymore to use CEM technologies that are difficult to use and costly to maintain. We are the first enterprise analytics platform that automatically records, indexes, replays and analyses 100% of customer digital interactions” said Yaron Morgenstern, CEO, Glassbox.

The growth Glassbox has witnessed this year will fuel an aggressive global go-to-market in 2018, as well as further significant investment in R&D and innovation. “We are excited to be growing our teams and operations in order to address the amazing pipeline we have built and will deliver on in the first months of 2018. It’s great to have momentum and be on the winning side!” added Steve DiEugenio, Glassbox GM for the Americas.

Today, large organizations want to deploy extremely powerful systems while not compromising on ease of use and deployment. Our clients are Tier 1 customers which often have intricate infrastructures and are already using complex legacy CEM systems. Part of our job at Glassbox is to make sure that our solutions will be deployed with minimum overhead and will generate quick time to value. This can be achieved thanks to our powerful automatic data collection and automatic insights, which are the key reasons behind our tripled revenues during the last year.” concludes Yaron Gueta, Glassbox CTO.

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