Realtime1st Launches to Transform Anonymous Website Visitors in to Known Customers

Fully GDPR Compliant Service Identifies Potential Customers to Target with Multi-Channel Messages Increasing Online Sales and Growing Marketing Databases

Realtime1st has launched to help marketers and e-commerce professionals transform unknown website visitors in to engaged customers. Using fully GDPR compliant processes, Realtime1st accurately identifies browsers and delivers timely and cost-efficient digital multi-channel campaigns, to grow direct sales and increase engagement with the brand. 

Every organisation wants to increase the conversion of online browsers to buyers, however to do so they need to be able to identify who is visiting their website. The reality for most organisations is they have no means of knowing who is coming through the digital front door, and GDPR will make it even harder to identify and engage with these potentially valuable new leads.

Using its extensive digital consumer prospect pool, Realtime1st accurately identifies (with match rates as high as 30%) visitors to a website that have opted-in to receiving marketing communications. Using this data, Realtime1st then delivers compelling and timely multi-channel messages to these consumers via direct, display and social routes such as email and Facebook ads. One of the first organisations to use Realtime1st has already reported campaign performance improvements of up to 300%.

As co-founder of Realtime1st, Richard Barker says: “A real fear for marketers is that their database and its potency will diminish post GDPR, but the opposite is true. Realtime1st provides a compelling new opportunity to improve the quality, relevance and the scale of any marketing database.” He also observes: “GDPR is providing a particular headache for start-ups or businesses entering a new market, as they typically have limited, or no data to begin working with. Our digital consumer prospect pool enables these organisations to rapidly scale by creating a high-quality and fully compliant marketing database.”

The digital consumer prospect pool is underpinned by the UK business and consumer marketing data specialist, DBS Data. Its Managing Director and CEO, Adam Williams states: “Organisations working with Realtime1st can be assured that the provenance of all the data in its digital consumer prospect pool is subjected to the very highest quality checks and conforms to GDPR, PECR & DPA regulations.”

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