Qognify Packaged Solutions to Debut at ISC West 2018: New Packaged Solutions- Qognify ISM and ACI, and Situator Mobile Application to be showcased alongside comprehensive security and operations portfolio

Qognify Packaged Solutions to Debut at ISC West 2018

New Packaged Solutions- Qognify ISM and ACI, and Situator Mobile Application to be showcased alongside comprehensive security and operations portfolio

Qognify, the leader in big data solutions for physical security and operations, will introduce its range of packaged solutions at ISC West 2018. Visitors to Booth 30056 will learn how these innovative solutions are pre-designed and configured to address common security-related challenges, using Qognify’s advanced big-data technologies.

Qognify Packaged Solutions provide organisations with access to powerful tools and insights, with minimal installation and faster deployment, and at a lower cost, when compared with traditional and comprehensive security projects. This enables organisations to see almost immediate value in their investment while using and protecting past investments in legacy systems, and at the same time, also enabling them to grow and solve new challenges as or if needed in the future.

Visit Qognify on Booth 30056 

Alongside Qognify Packaged Solutions, the company will also showcase its multi-award-winning solutions including: 

·        Situator – The market leading situation management / PSIM solution, Situator integrates all existing systems (Qognify and third-party) including surveillance cameras, access control, alarms, sensors and other security and operational systems. It correlates the information from all these different systems to provide greater situational awareness, incident management and effective response.

·        Operational Intelligence Center (OIC) – The OIC is a module of Situator that monitors large volumes of data to identify precursors to incidents and unfolding events, and measures leading business and service KPIs. With the ability to learn from past experience via trend and pattern analysis, OIC provides the actionable intelligence needed to mitigate or eliminate risk and business disruption, as well as insights to better prepare for future events.

·        VisionHub – A powerful and robust video management solution (VMS) that includes also situational awareness and effective security incident management, by integrating and unifying additional layers of information from core safety and security systems.

·        Suspect Search Every second counts when looking for a lost child or crime suspect. Manually searching video surveillance systems can take hours, even days to locate them. Suspect Search is Qognify’s patented next-generation real-time video analytics software that locates and tracks specific individuals in minutes.

·        A suite of mobile applications:

·        Situator Mobile appextending situation management from the control room to the field, tightening the collaboration between the incident stakeholders. Improved incident management is provided by presenting a list of incidents associated with operators, their location on the map and the tasks required to perform, as well as means for an intuitive, fast response to various event types in alignment with the control room.

·        Qognify Extend – Winner of the Security & Fire Excellence Awards ‘Best Communications Product of the Year’. Powered by CloudScann, this cloud-based suite of integrated mobile solutions extends the reach, coverage and effectiveness of an enterprise’s control room and operations, by enabling personnel — and their smartphones — to become powerful sensors. 

“Through Qognify Packaged Solutions, we have made powerful situational awareness and management as well as advanced data analytics accessible to the masses, by removing barriers to entry that may inhibit some organisations from adopting this vital technology,” explains Moti Shabtai, Qognify’s CEO and President. “Because these new solutions are pre-designed and configured to focus on key security issues they can be installed faster and deliver a strong and quick return-on-investment at lower price point.”  

The ISC West exhibition takes place April 11-13 at Sands Expo, Las Vegas, NV. For more information visit: www.iscwest.com 

To arrange a briefing with Qognify at ISC West please contact Graham Thatcher, Tel: +44 (0) 7933 673 240; or Email: graham.thatcher@prbychief.com

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