Tavcom Launches Advanced Body Language Skills for CCTV Course

Tavcom Launches Advanced Body Language Skills for CCTV Course

Tavcom Training, part of the Linx International Group has launched an Advanced Body Language Skills for CCTV course. The training develops the essential skills needed to recognise and read incident risk behaviour, and have a greater understanding of people profiling, situational awareness and cultural differences when conducting CCTV surveillance.  

The course tutor is Dr Craig Donald – a respected industrial psychologist with a specialist involvement in human factors issues in technology integration and the security industry. He explains: “Delegates will take away greater observation skills and a higher sensitivity to incident risk behaviour and situations. They will have the ability to read their environment more effectively and identify potential threats or risks even before they happen.”   

The expert two-day classroom course, will take place at Tavcom’s training centre in Hampshire, using a highly interactive style of training, and extensive use of real life incident video. It is ideal for CCTV operators, crime investigators, intelligence specialists, managers and supervisors, with a focus on topics including: 

·        How the dynamics of crime produce body language and incident behaviour

·        Observation skills and implications for analysis of CCTV video

·        Standout indicators for recognition of incident conditions

·        Emotions and anxiety leakage as indicators of crime

·        How behavioural patterns assist in analysis and detection 

·        Countermeasures by criminals – hiding body language and detection avoidance

·        Crime types, syndicates and how to identify crime relationships

·        The stages of crime and criminal behavioural strategies

·        The implications for use of body components and characteristics for suspect identification

·        The nature of situational awareness and its role in detection

The Advanced Body Language Skills for CCTV course costs £575+VAT per participant and completion results in the award of a Tavcom certificate. The course will take place on the following dates:

·        30th – 31st July 2018

·        16th – 17th October 2018

·        21st–  22nd January 2019

·        13th – 14th March 2019

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