Learn More About Online Customer Buying Preferences and Brand Loyalty With Fresh Relevance Advanced Customer Tagging


Learn More About Online Customer Buying Preferences and Brand Loyalty

With Fresh Relevance Advanced Customer Tagging

Fresh Relevance, the real-time personalisation platform for email, mobile and web, today launched Advanced Customer Tagging (ACT) that enables sophisticated online behavioural tracking and targeting. Online retailers using ACT will benefit from the ability to gather richer quality data quicker and use these insights to create highly personalized shopping experiences and marketing communications.

ACT automatically tags products in the online product portfolio by criteria including colour, style and brand. When a shopper browses, carts or purchases products, the tags from those items are then linked with that shopper. As a result, retailers can deliver highly personalised targeting of products to their customers (both on the web and in marketing emails) based on their purchasing and browsing behaviour. Crucially, because the data-tracking is live, if the shopper displays a change in preference, such as switching from always buying black shoes to brown, the data will automatically update.

Chief Technology Officer at Fresh Relevance, David Henderson, explains: “Using ACT, it is possible to track and build a live picture of a shopper’s preference. So, not only would a fashion retailer know that I have switched to buying brown shoes, but also that I prefer jeans from a certain brand, t-shirts from another and so on.” Henderson adds: “ACT can also reveal cross-brand loyalty, where a group of customers who usually buy brand X also show loyalty to brand Y.”

As well as delivering personalised tracking and targeting at an individual shopper level, ACT also identifies emerging trends. So, if statistically significant volumes of shoppers are attracted to a particular colour, brand or style on the website, retailers can quickly adapt content to give them greater prominence and/or create new promotions.

Advanced Customer Tagging is available now as part of the Fresh Relevance real-time personalisation platform.

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