SSAIB’s auditors admitted onto the Register for Certified Technical Security Professionals

Tavcom Training, operator of the Register for Certified Technical Security Professionals (CTSP), is pleased to announce that Frank Smith and Nick Grewcock from the Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board (SSAIB) are among the first auditors to be admitted. 

The CTSP Register was extended to include auditors and consultants fulfilling technical roles in the electronic security and fire systems sectors in June 2018.

Frank Smith commented: “I’m delighted to have been recognised as a CTSP-registered auditor, no less because it’s a fantastic way for me to celebrate my fifth anniversary at SSAIB. The CTSP Register is a very valuable addition to our industry as it gives a platform for technical competence and experience to be verified.”

“It provides a huge benefit to end users, because it gives them confidence and peace of mind that the person undertaking the work is qualified to do so. Being named on the CTSP Register is also beneficial to all of the auditors we have at SSAIB as it is a professional recognition of our technical auditing knowledge.”

Nick Grewcock, who has been with SSAIB for 18 months, said: “Seeing my name on the CTSP Register is great; once these next six months are out of the way and I’ve achieved the minimum two-year auditing criteria I’ll be proud to see my listing move up from an engineer to an auditor.”

“There are a lot of steep learning curves involved in auditing, so it’s good that the CTSP insists on an allotted amount of time to avoid just anyone registering for CTSP recognition as that would heavily dilute the quality that this level of recognition warrants. The CTSP Register for security system professionals goes a long way to reducing the risk of inconsistent standards. By benchmarking the registrant to an agreed minimum level, this will ensure quality in the industry and improvement in the standards, creating confidence and reassurance for customers and other contractors.”

CTSP Registrar Kevin Matthew stated: “The security industry has many varied but equally important roles, so the decision to include auditors and consultants was designed to be inclusive of this professional diversity and to continue to raise professional standards. We are delighted to recognise Frank and Nick on the Register, it is apt that they are amongst the first auditors to register as the vocational pathway has been developed in partnership withSSAIB, which is one of the endorsing bodies.”

All CTSP applications are strictly assessed by the Registration Manager and appear on the publicly searchable Register. The application and assessment process is conducted online and costs£25, with a £50 annual registration fee payable on acceptance.

For more information about the Certified Technical Security Professional Register visit:



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