European Investment Firm Adopts Shield FC’s Automated Compliance Platform for Enhanced Regulatory Compliance and Customer Assurance

Shield Financial Compliance (Shield FC), a specialist RegTech provider, is proud to announce that a leading European investment firm has purchased its fully automated compliance platform. Shield FC provides the firm with a centralised and holistic overview of all external and internal interactions, for regulatory compliance, greater efficiency and customer peace of mind.

Having recognised the significant market surveillance and compliance risk inherent in using multiple communications platforms across the trading life cycle, the firm chose to implement a market abuse prevention framework. It had initially planned to build its own data acquisition platform, but due to the complexity involved and potential for serious disruptions, the firm conducted extensive market research and decided to approach Shield FC as the leading expert provider of fully automated compliance solutions.

As an Enterprise-grade solution for the Financial Compliance Hub, the Shield FC platform seamlessly integrates with the firm’s IT and communications systems ‘out of the box’. It aggregates data from across all the siloed business communications, including: voice, Instant Messaging, email, Social Media, web and order management systems (OMS). It also incorporates back office data including: HR records, active directories and list management.

Being agile and future-proof, the solution is perfect for keeping up with rapidly evolving regulatory compliance demands. The firm has already begun extending the infrastructure to support enhanced transparency for MiFID II record keeping.

Shiran Weizman, Co-Founder and CEO at Shield FC commented, “By deploying Shield FC, the firm has rapidly gained a comprehensive overview of all its various communication channels, with no disruption to operations. Enhanced analytics parameters ensure it can swiftly detect any unusual trading behaviour, which significantly reduces its exposure to potential market abuse. Importantly, it can demonstrate this ability not only to regulatory bodies, but also to its own customers.”

A spokesperson for the investment firm stated, “We now have access to all trading communications data (algorithmic, electronic and voice trading) through one secure, tamper-proof location. This enables our firm to automate all record-keeping and task monitoring, as well as performing cutting-edge text and voice analytics to gain further compliance insights. The Shield FC solution provides a far more strategic approach to managing compliance data across the board, whilst saving the organisation time and money.”  

Shiran concluded, “Shield FC’s platform is the only one on the market that offers a sequential view of trading events and interactive timeline reporting, which is perfect for adapting to evolving and changing regulatory demands – including new recording requirements being ushered in under the Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. With our solution continuing to protect and support the growth and evolution of a business well into the future, there is a considerable amount of interest in our technology from other financial firms in Europe and beyond.”

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