Global MSC Security Conference and Exhibition 2018 Confirms Keynote Speakers Who Will Discuss GDPR, Surveillance and Security

Global MSC Security has today announced the keynote speakers for the Global MSC Security Conference and Exhibition 2018. The Surveillance Camera Commissioner will be joined by representatives from the Information Commissioners Office (ICO), Avon and Somerset Police, Dacorum Borough Council, Soter Protective Services and a criminologist from the University of Essex, to discuss ‘GDPR, Surveillance and Security’.                                    

Managing Director of Global MSC Security, Derek Maltby says: “The GDPR has been EU law since 25th May 2018, but there is still much confusion and misinformation regarding what the new data protection regulation means for the surveillance and wider security sector. We are bringing together the experts for a one-day conference in the hope of providing clarification as to the best way forward, in order to safeguard people and assets whilst adhering to the law.”  

The 20th annual Global MSC Security Conference and Exhibition, now in its 14th year takes place on Tuesday 13th November at the Bristol Hotel, Bristol. Confirmed keynote speakers include: 

·       Tony Porter MSyl is the Surveillance Camera Commissioner, whose role is to encourage compliance with the surveillance camera code of practice.

·       Anne Russell is Senior Policy Officer at the ICO and will discuss GDPR in the context of the security and surveillance sector.

·       Peter Spindler MSyI is Director of Soter Protective Services and he will draw on the learning from Operation Yewtree to provide insight into the role security professionals can play in safeguarding the vulnerable and how GDRP is applied.

·       Sgt Chris Green from Avon and Somerset Police will be talking about reducing harm in the community by maximising the  benefits of CCTV, and how covert methods and body worn video cameras are having a dramatic effect on the policing of complex problems.

·       Jim Guiton is the Community Control Room Manager at Dacorum Borough Council and will explain how he ensures the council complies with GDPR in relation to its 350-strong surveillance camera network.

·       Prof. Pete Fussey is a Criminologist from the University of Essex specialising in surveillance and society.

The Global MSC Security Conference & Exhibition is free-to-attend for all delegates and they will receive double CPD points from the Security Institute for attending the conference programme.  For more information and to register visit:

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