Authlogics Provides Amazon Web Services Customers With Password Compliance, Multi-Factor Authentication and Single Sign-On in One License

Authlogics has today announced the availability of its Authlogics Authentication Suite for Amazon Web Services (AWS). The solution provides three key integrated security elements previously not available via AWS: Password Compliance, Multi-Factor Authentication and Single Sign-On. It is a highly cost-effective way to secure access to AWS hosted apps, Virtual Machines, the AWS Management Console and third-party cloud platforms, without leaving the AWS ecosystem.

A major benefit of the software is its rapid ‘appliance-like’ deployment in an AWS private cloud via an Amazon Machine Image (AMI), with it being possible to provision as many as 10,000 users in under 15 minutes. The solution works in pure cloud, hybrid cloud or fully on-prem environments giving customers consistency and value at every stage of their cloud journey.

CEO of Authlogics Steven Hope explains that many organisations face authentication challenges when adopting a cloud hosting service: “While some cloud hosting providers do offer a basic level of two-factor authentication for accessing their own cloud applications and management toolset, their solution is often limited in scope and in use cases. None offer a password replacement solution, and typically just augment the password with a one-time code sent via SMS.”

The Authlogics Authentication Server boasts multiple soft-token and hard-token authentication options within the licence to deliver: 1.5 (device-less), 2 and 3 (transaction signing) Factor Authentication.

  • PINgrid: Award-winning pattern-based logon technology requiring no static PIN or password.
  • PINphrase: Random letters from an answer to a question act as a one-time code.
  • PINpass: A familiar 6-8-digit random code solution, which is fully OATH (Open Authentication) compliant (RFC 4226 and 6238).
  • YubiKey: A highly secure hardware token providing 2FA when soft-tokens are not the desired option.

Also included in the license is the ground-breaking Password Policy Agent which secures the Active Directory against poor, non-compliant password behaviour in adherence with the latest NIST SP 800-63B guidance.

Licences for the Authlogics Authentication Server can be purchased and managed directly through the AWS Marketplace to simplify licence management, budgeting, procurement and deployment. For more information visit:

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