Authlogics Welcomes CyberWhite to Its Channel Partner Program

Authlogics Welcomes CyberWhite to Its Channel Partner Program

Digital security consultant registers 20 sales opportunities in first week with Authlogics free password audit tool

Authlogics has today announced CyberWhite as the latest member of its rapidly expanding Global Channel Partner Program. CyberWhite is a specialist digital security consultancy with two offices in the north of England. There are also plans to open a further office in Scotland in early 2019. CyberWhite joined the Partner Program to enable its clients in the UK, the Channel Islands and Malta to prevent password breaches and ensure compliance, with a risk-based approach to authentication.

Director at CyberWhite, David Horn states: “From the first demonstration, recognised the immediate opportunity presented by Authlogics and could instantly see the benefits and value add we could deliver by including this as a key part of our own technology portfolio.” Such has been the initial success of the partnership, CyberWhite registered more than 20 sales opportunities with Authlogics in the first week of working together.”

Taking advantage of its access to the Authlogics’ online Password Security Portal and Password Audit Tool for Active Directory, CyberWhite’s consultants are able to clearly demonstrate to an organisation the number of active corporate email accounts that have been breached. “Every time we present an organisation with the report and highlight the level of risk they are currently exposed to in black and white, there is an element of surprise, shock and acknowledgement that action needs to be taken,” observes David.

Using the Authlogics Password Policy Agent, CyberWhite is able to offer these organisations a remedy that secures the Active Directory against poor, non-compliant password behaviour, thereby complying with the latest NIST SP 800-63B guidance. David adds: “At a time when data breaches and the consequences of inadequate measures to prevent them are high on the board room agenda, the Password Policy Agent is a solution that reduces the risk profile exponentially without an increase on management overhead.

David concludes: “What sets Authlogics apart is that it is part of a much larger suite that can take our clients on a three-step journey from password compliance, to multi-factor authentication and single sign-on solutions, and ultimately the replacement of the password altogether.”

Kamber Devjianie, Head of Global Alliances at Authlogics, comments: “Empowering partners to compile reports for their customers, showing the extent to which the passwords being used to safeguard their corporate assets are available on the dark web, is a powerful sales tool.” He continues: “Add to this the full suite of Authlogics products not only addresses the immediate problem, but also chart a course to a future free from passwords and you have a truly unique sales opportunity.”

The Authlogics Partner Program enables Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), Value-Added Distributors, Resellers, System Integrators and technology partners to add the Authlogics Authentication Suite to their portfolio with fantastic margin and great incentives. For more information about the program visit:

For more information about CyberWhite visit:

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