dbsHomemove Enables Marketer to Target Consumers At Every Stage of a Home Move

DBS Data, the UK business and consumer marketing data experts today announced the release of its dbsHomemove that accurately pinpoints the exact stage of the one million households that buy, sell or let a property each year. With comprehensive market coverage, dbsHomemove give marketers for utilities, telecommunications, retail, e-commerce and financial services businesses a unique opportunity to identify and engage with existing and prospective customers at the ideal moment in the moving process.

Using verified and compliant data from estate agents and solicitors, dbsHomemove delivers accurate and timely insight regarding when a property is listed for sale or let, when it is under offer and sold subject to contract (or let agreed), all the way through to the moving date. The true power of dbsHomemove to target and segment is unleashed when matched with dbsLifebase data, providing a rich source of information regarding property value, household income, age of residents, number of cars, current suppliers and more than 200 variables. Targeting your perfect home buyer’s audience has never been easier.

Using the dbsHomemove file marketers can now:

  • Send GDPR compliant postal direct marketing
  • Accurately segment home movers by criteria including affluence, house value, geography and age
  • Market to audiences using targeted digital display advertising
  • Flag existing households that are potentially moving enabling the business to track likely address changes

Business Director at DBS Data, Stuart Huke states: “A typical household will spend more in first six months of moving home than they will do in the following six years. In fact, more than 65% of movers will switch suppliers, or change product brands. This presents the perfect opportunity to win new customers, as well as implement loyalty initiatives that mitigate churn.”

Huke adds: “Moving home is also one of the single biggest contributory factors in organisations losing track of their customers and dbsHomemove mitigates against this with this new file marketers can greatly increase their chances of winning new business, retain existing customers and stay connected with them.”

dbsHomemove is available from DBS Data now. For more information download: https://dbsdata.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/DBS-Data-Homemove-Product-Sheet-2018.pdf

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