Noetica Granted U.S. Patent for Live Person Detection in an Automated Calling System – British Company Brings Artificial Intelligence to North American Contact Centre Market

Noetica – A British company, developing software products for the global contact centre market, today announced that it has been granted a U.S. Patent (US 10,277,740 B2) for Live Person Detection in an Automated Calling System. The Live Person Detection (LPD™) solution uses real-time artificial intelligence (AI) to guarantee a contact centre can accurately detect answering machines of all type while never making a single silent call.

LPD™ enables outbound contact centres around the world to reap the many operational efficiencies of automatically detecting answering machines, including voicemail and all forms of network answering services free from the risk of generating abandoned and/or silent calls, which can expose the organisation to punitive regulatory penalties. When the quick and easy to deploy LPD™ solution is implemented, every outbound call is automatically and interactively analysed by the AI module using the actual voice of the agent and a highly accurate decision is made within seconds as to whether a person is present, or if it is a machine on the other end of the line. When a live person is detected the call is automatically routed to the same agent whose voice was used by the AI segment of the call. Crucially, Noetica achieves this without any pause in the natural flow of a telephone interaction and without any initial time delay as experienced in the past with less advanced technologies.

Noetica has won an Innovation in Contact Centre Technology Award and was shortlisted for a prestigious 2019 UK National Innovation Award, in recognition of its technology that blends human and artificial intelligence. Founder and CEO of Noetica, Danny Singer, explains: “LPD™ is breathing new life into the practice of using AMD that many contact centres had been resigned to switching off altogether.”

Singer also observes the timely nature of this important patent for the company: “As Britain looks to expand its international trading relationships, as it plans to depart the European Union, small innovative companies such as Noetica are taking the early initiative. This U.S. Patent marks a major step forward in our plans to expand Noetica’s presence in the large and vibrant North American contact centre market.”

In this short video, Danny Singer explains how LPD™ is easily deployed and used within the contact centre:

The LPD™ solution is available now from Noetica and a video presentation explaining the technology in more depth can be found here: .

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