EEMA Welcomes Trustual as Latest Corporate Member – Pioneer in the integration of eIDAS-qualified time stamping joins European Think Tank

EEMA the leading independent European think tank focused on identity, privacy and trust, today announced that Trustual has joined as a corporate member.

Based in Europe and Chile, Trustual is an innovative start-up that improves the evidential value of files, documents and data by certifying their time and integrity. By integrating to over 200 services such as Microsoft Office, Google Suite, Dropbox, SAP, Salesforce, DocuSign and many more. Trustual is positioned as a pioneer in the integration of eIDAS-qualified time stamping into business workflows. The Trustual solution enjoys the legal presumption of time accuracy and data integrity throughout the European Union.

Trustual became aware of EEMA through the think tank’s involvement in FutureTrust – a Horizon 2020 project supporting the practical implementation of eIDAS regulation throughout Europe and beyond. CEO of Trustual, Victor Perl, states: “We are proud to join EEMA and expect to be an active member sharing our experience using trust services to solve real business problems, and contributing to the discussion towards the future of trust.”

Chair of EEMA, Jon Shamah, states: “We are delighted to welcome Trustual to EEMA and look forward to its participation in many of our initiatives and events, to drive conversation, collaboration and innovation around issues of domestic and cross-border trust services ”

EEMA hosts its 32nd Annual Conference ‘Empowering Business Through Digital Transformation’ on 18th -19th June 2019 at Microsoft in London. For more information about EEMA membership visit:

For more information about Trustual visit:

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