TDSi Promotes British Exporting Excellence as an Export Champion

Integrated security manufacturer TDSi is proudly supporting the UK Department for International Trade’s ‘Great’ initiative as an Export Champion, encouraging British businesses to think globally when it comes to tapping potentially lucrative markets.

TDSi’s Managing Director, John Davies, who has personally been appointed as a South West Export Champion, commented, “TDSi has been actively exporting our products since 1984 and currently they make up 40% of our sales. Whatever the outcome of the Brexit negotiations with the EU there are huge opportunities in selling revered UK products and services around the globe, and we are keen to encourage and inspire other British businesses to embrace all available markets.”

The ‘Great’ scheme strives to encourage customers from around the world to engage with and buy from UK producers and expert service providers, whilst offering advice and support (including legal, financial and networking assistance) for UK businesses looking to embrace these potential markets and customers. As an Export Champion, TDSi is offering advice and experience to support other businesses looking to expand their export reach.

John continued, “In the past France and the EU have been our biggest export market, but Southeast Asia and the Middle East are due to eclipse their position this year. China is also a very important market for TDSi because despite being one of the great ‘workshops of the world’, savvy security buyers there know British manufacturers like ourselves have a well-deserved reputation for offering innovation, quality and excellent value for money.”

Exporting shapes TDSi as a business, as John explained, “It keeps us on our toes to deal with the competition and ensures we listen effectively to new customers and markets, adapting our products and services to maintain and establish relevance in each territory.”

It also offers fresh opportunities aside from those in the domestic market, as John added, “Despite being an SME manufacturer/exporter, we can take on the big boys, competitors considerably larger than we are, and beat them. We offer specialised, top-quality security solutions and are highly responsive with great service delivery – which is why we are winning in these overseas markets.”

TDSi has capitalised on these advantages on many impressive projects, including China Petroleum’s HQ in Beijing (where it beat a $20bn competitor); Shanghai Metro and other Metro systems in China; along with telecom and electricity companies in Thailand, Brunei and Malaysia.

John concluded, “We are keen to share this experience and knowledge through schemes such as ‘Great’, helping other UK companies to embrace a diverse selection of potential markets and to help ensure the UK remains a powerful force in international trade and exports.”

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