INVIOU to Explain How to Reduce Fraud and Friction at the Alternative & Receivables Finance Forum

INVIOU, the financial records and charges registry based on distributed ledger technology, will explain how it is reducing fraud and friction across the receivables financing industry, when it participates in the Alternative & Receivables Finance Forum. The 6th annual event takes place on Thursday 14th November 2019 at Mayer Brown in London.

CEO of INVIOU, Dror Shapira will participate in a panel to answer the question: ‘Is fraud on the increase and what are the latest methodologies for tackling it?’ He will be joined by representatives from JLG Group, Kompli-Global and AABF, Varengold Bank AG and Francis Wilks & Jones in discussing the potential for organised crime to become involved in the sector, the innovative solutions for dealing with fraud in onboarding and KYC, as well as how to keep out the ‘bad’ transactions whilst removing friction for the ‘good’ ones.

Dror states: “Any level of fraud is unacceptable but when it runs into the hundreds of millions of dollars people start taking notice. This is the position the receivables financing industry finds itself in today.” He adds: “At the Alternative & Receivables Finance Forum we will be explaining how INVIOU’s innovative new financial records registry provides a competitive, safe, and simple environment for receivables financing, not only reducing fraud but also unnecessary friction that slows the process.”

The INVIOU registry is based on distributed ledger technology and can be used to verify invoice ownership and availability for financing. It greatly diminishes the costs associated with fraud and friction which results from faulty, inflated, fictitious and double invoicing.

For more information about the Alternative & Receivables Finance Forum in London on 14th November 2019 visit:

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