EEMA Presents BOSA’s Manager International Relations Frank Leyman with Lifetime Achievement Award

EEMA the leading independent European Think Tank focused on identity, privacy and trust, has presented Frank Leyman with its prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award. The Manager International Relations at BOSA was presented with the award by EEMA’s Director of Special Projects, Roger Dean, at its 21st ISSE conference at IBM in Brussels on 6th November.

Frank Leyman’s career began at IBM Belgium, before moving to Belgacom. Since 2005 he has been based in Brussels, working at the Digital Transformation Office within the Federal Public Service Policy & Support – BOSA-Digital Transformation(formerly known as FEDICT). He manages international relations as well as the relations with the European Commission, OECD and the World Bank. He is also the past Chairman of the International Council for IT in Government Administration and is a member of the Technical Expert Group of the World Bank and OECD e-leaders, as well as the Belgian representative in the eGovernment High Level Group of the European Commission.

Frank Award

Upon receiving the award Frank Leyman stated: “This award is typically given to world renowned experts and I really do not consider myself in this way. However, I am very honoured and proud that my contribution to helping shape the European digital single market, particularly my work at FEDICT and now BOSA has been recognised by EEMA.”

Roger Dean adds: “I have had the pleasure of knowing Frank Leyman for more than 15years, during which time he has been a strong supporter of EEMA and our work as a EU project partner on initiatives such as STORK, STORK 2.0, SSEDIC and more recently LOCARD and DE4A. Frank’s dedication and success in driving change across Europe through embracing technology mirrors our own activities and ambitions. As such, he is a deserving recipient of our Lifetime Achievement Award.”

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