TDSi Launches New GARDiS Cyber Secure and Web Embedded Access Controller

Integrated security manufacturer TDSi is proud to announce the launch of its new web server embedded GARDiS access controller. Designed to be fully cyber secure, as well as easy and quick to install, the new controller is available in one, two or four door versions to suit all requirements and budgets. 

TDSi’s Managing Director, John Davies commented, “The new GARDiS Controller is the latest addition to our full integrated GARDiS range and has been launched in response to the current market challenges faced by installers. Requiring minimal training to install, maintain and operate, it features comprehensive built-in cyber security along with embedded web server access.”

John added, “The controller embraces the GARDiS ethos by featuring an intuitive design and full expansion capabilities, including integration with Simons Voss and Assa Abloy wireless locks. It also features a Five-Year Warranty and no quibble returns policy, making it the perfect product to specify and quote for any installation project.”

The new GARDiS Controller features include:

  • Embedded web server
  • Fits up to 10 wireless locks using Aperio / Smart Intego (either using Aperio, Simons Voss, or additional doors)
  • 5000 card capacity + 15,000 event buffer
  • 1000 + access groups
  • Up to 10 slave units per master controller giving control of up to 44 doors through the web server
  • Optional 8 input/output modules
  • Lift control with optional I/O for up to 80 floors
  • Compatible with ANSSI / OSDP level-2-compliant secure readers
  • Universal reader decoder
  • Multi-reader protocols RS485, Wiegand and Clock&Data
  • Anti-pass back, anti-time back, transit delaying

TDSi also offers GARDiS Extension Modules to increase the number of doors or equipment in the system. The extension units are purchased along with a license dongle to insert into the master unit. The available extensions are:

  • GARDiS 4 EXT (4-door Extension Module),
  • GARDiS I/O EXT (8-pin input/output extension module),
  • Wireless IP Locks – with versions available for Assa Abloy – Aperio AH30 1-8 Comms Hub and Simons Voss – Smart Intego Gateway Node (A maximum of 10 extension units or 10 Wireless locks may be used),
  • License Dongles – These are physical pin dongles that allow for easy licensing of extensions. By using the dongles, you can extend a system by the quantity of doors listed below, in addition to the number of doors controlled directly through the Master unit),
  • GARDiS Web 10, GARDiS Web 20 and GARDiS Web 44 dongles (which extend systems up to 10, 20 and 44 doors respectively).

The new TDSi GARDiS Controllers and Extension Modules are available from TDSi channel distributors now.

For more information on TDSi please visit:

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