DBS Data Launches Full Service Direct Marketing Giving Brands Access to Individual Profiling, Modelling and Mailing at a Fixed Cost

DBS Data, the UK business and consumer marketing data expert today announced the launch of its Full Service Direct Marketing (DM) proposition, providing a solution for highly targeted direct mail for B2C and B2B campaigns, at a price point that would typically be associated with partially addressed and door drop mailings.

Brands using the DBS Data Full Service DM have access to a one-stop-shop, whereby they can securely and compliantly supply their data (or even a top line profile) along with the creative and the DBS team do the rest. Its data experts use advanced profiling techniques, statistical modelling and insight analytics to pinpoint individuals (or organisations in the case of a B2B campaign) located in the UK that have matching characteristics.

The client facing team at DBS have extensive knowledge with profiling and modelling and discuss on a case by case basis, budgets, key performance indicators and objectives to ensure the volume and targeting is aligned with the brands requirements. Once the consultation takes place, it is as simple as confirming the scale of the campaign, sitting back and letting DBS run the fulfilment of the campaign through its vast print partner network.

Commercial Director at DBS Data, Gary Brandon states: “The intensive process of bringing together a multitude of services and organisations to produce just one piece of direct marketing is taxing for brands large and small. Since the implementation of GDPR, we have seen a surge of brands using direct mail as a channel and as such, our new solution here not only makes direct mail accessible to the industry, it brings it in at a price point that rivals other services which are less targeted.”

The total cost per pack for a campaign delivered through DBS Data’s Full Service DM can be as low as 30p, and Gary explains that value to brands extends beyond the pack price. “Marketers can be assured that every pack is being sent to an individual that matches their criteria.” He adds: “There is certainly a place for partially addressed and door drop mailing that see value in scale or geographic restriction. However, if a brand wants to home in on the individual, then our new Full Service DM proposition delivers the best value and higher rates of success.”

DBS Data’s Full Service DM is available now and has already been successfully tried and tested by one of the UK’s largest charities. For more information visit: https://dbsdata.co.uk/full-service-direct-mail-campaign-delivery

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