Noetica Integrates Xdroid Artificial Intelligence Powered Real-Time Voice Analytics with its Contact Centre Solutions

Noetica – A British company, developing software products for the global contact centre market, today announced that it has partnered with Xdroid to integrate its machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) powered real-time voice analytics, with Noetica’s contact centre and telephony solution platform. The joint solution has been implemented at a large contact centre in the UK.

Through a proprietary direct interface, developed between Noetica and Xdroid, inbound and outbound calls are continuously monitored in real-time by an AI module listening in to each call in real time. During calls, administrators and team leaders are automatically presented with information, advice and actions on-screen, based on triggers (pre-defined by the contact centre) including language spoken, words and phrases detected, as well as analysis of emotion and sentiment.

Founder and CEO of Noetica, Danny Singer, states: “The synergy between our SynthesysTM agent productivity tools and Xdroid’s AI-powered voice analytics is a truly compelling proposition.” Singer adds: “It can provide any contact centre with one simple intuitive solution that drives quality, improves customer engagement and increases sales.” He continues: “All of this can be done whilst also strengthening compliance and raising agent standards through real time understanding of agent and customer behaviours which in turn leads to better training and coaching. In many ways, it is like having an experienced coach listening to each and every call in the contact centre in real time.”

As with all Noetica solutions, contact centres are empowered to manage the system themselves, as well as taking advantage of its professional services team of former contact centre specialists and technology experts. Supervisors have access to an intuitive dashboard from which agent performance can be monitored and any changes to sentiment and emotion triggers can be quickly made.

Managing Director of Xdroid International, Gerry de Graaf, comments: “In partnership, Noetica and Xdroid have created an industry first by seamlessly integrating truly real-time voice analytics with a powerful contact centre solutions platform.”

Noetica will be participating in the Annual Xdroid Partner Event in Budapest on the March 31st – April 1st 2020 and will introduce the solution in the UK on stand 2280 at Call & Contact Centre Expo, which takes place on 18th and 19th March 2020 at ExCel in London.

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