About Chief PR Ltd

Founded in 2015, Chief PR Ltd is a media relations and editorial content agency based in Hampshire, UK. We specialise in business-to-business technology sectors, with a focus on promoting physical and IT security, identity management, contact centre/customer experience and data-driven marketing brands, based in the UK, Europe, Israel and the US.

In the modern online world having engaging content is one of the most valuable sales and marketing assets your business can use. As an integrated part of your marketing and communications team, Chief PR works with your business to identify the messages and stories you want to share with your market audience.

This could be expert industry thought leadership comment, or the latest announcement of products or company news. With over 20 years’ of combined writing and content creation experience, the Chief PR team will not only produce your content, but also share it with your target news outlets, your social media followers and throughout your online presence to ensure your message reaches your whole audience.

To learn more about how we can help your business speak to the right audience, contact us today.