Noetica Champions Responsible Outbound Dialling with European Patent for Live Person Detection in an Automated Calling System

Noetica – A British company, developing software products for the global contact centre market, today announced that The European Patent Office has granted it a patent (2802133) for ‘Live Person Detection in an Automated Calling System’. The Live Person Detection (LPD™) solution uses real-time artificial intelligence (AI) to enable contact centres to responsibly and compliantly use predictive dialling and answer machine detection without making a single silent call.

This patented technology enables contact centres to return to the use of Answer Machine Detection (AMD), which until LPD™ could not be done in accordance with rules laid out by regulators around the world. Founder and CEO of Noetica, Danny Singer states: “The moment contact centres switched off their AMD the costs of outbound campaigns increased by as much as 35%. By using AI techniques, LPD™ has none of the inaccuracies of outdated and outlawed AMD systems, with silent calls not only being completely eradicated, but also the infuriating two plus seconds of initial silence often associated with AMD.”

Singer adds: “Answer machines of all types can now be accurately detected without causing a nuisance to the public, agents are only ever connected to calls with a person at the other end of the line and contact centres can reclaim the 35% hike in outbound costs.”

Now patented in Europe and the U.S. (US 10,277,740 B2), LPD™ is part of the Noetica SmartBound™ contact centre productivity suite, which will be showcased on Stand 2280 at the Call & Contact Centre Expo, taking place on 18th and 19th March 2019 at ExCel in London. For more information about the Noetica SmartBound™ watch this short video:

Noetica to Launch Dynamic Real-Time Skills & Ability-Based Routing Engine and AI-Powered Voice Analytics Partnership at Call & Contact Centre Expo 2020

Noetica – A British company, developing software products for the global contact centre market, today announced that it will focus on the power of real-time insights at Call & Contact Centre Expo, with the launch of its dynamic SABRE™ (Skills & Ability Based Routing Engine) technology and artificial intelligence (AI) powered real-time voice analytics.

SABRE™ is a new call routing solution that integrates with Noetica’s dialler and telephony platform. It relies on the continuous performance assessment of all agents feeding in real-time into individual ability scores via microservices APIs. It then automatically routes calls according to these skill based ability scores according to call types to deliver the best results on the day. The true originality of this concept lies in its application to outbound as Noetica has also expanded this functionality to integrate it seamlessly with its patented dialling capability, as part of its innovative and original SmartBound™ solution.

SABRE™ is estimated to deliver revenue gains of 15-25%

Consider the following scenario using SABRE™. A contact centre is using a team of 100 agents for a charity fundraising campaign. Initially, all agents will be assumed equal in their ability to convert calls to donations. As the campaign progresses, the system analyses the performance of each agent in real-time and adjusts their ability scores up or down, according to the amounts raised per hour worked. As a result, more calls are automatically routed to the best performing agents, whilst the less effective agents will wait longer for their next call. As a result, on average, the same number of connected calls results in a higher total donation value.

The SABRE™ solution will be introduced by the Founder and CEO of Noetica, Danny Singer, during a 30-minute seminar entitled ‘Life isn’t always fair: New technology for your unfair advantage’. The session will take place on Wednesday 18th March, between 14.45 and 15.15, in Seminar Theatre 12. 

Real-time AI-powered voice analytics

Noetica will also be showcasing for the first time the results of its partnership with Xdroid, to fully integrate real-time voice analytics into its platform. Through a proprietary direct interface, inbound and outbound calls are monitored by an AI module that listens in to each call in real time. During calls, administrators and team leaders are automatically presented with information, advice and actions on-screen, based on triggers (pre-defined by the contact centre) including language spoken, words and phrases detected, as well as analysis of emotion and sentiment.

Danny Singer comments: “We are returning to Call & Contact Centre Expo once again, not just to talk about the potential of real time ability routing and artificial intelligence, but to show tried and trusted solutions, available today, that have been field proven in contact centres to have a significant impact on operational efficiency, customer service and the bottom-line.”

Also featuring on stand 2280 will be Noetica’s full range of its patented inbound, outbound and telephony solutions including: 

  • Customer Interaction Management, Visual Human Process Automation and Unified Agent Desktop.
  • Campaign management, omni-channel and tactical CRM.
  • Voice platform delivering full contact centre telephony complete with ACD, IVR, voice recording and quality monitoring.
  • Predictive dialler, web services APIs.
  • Advanced Dialler and Outbound Voice Platform technology – Live Person Detection ( LPD™), SNoDrop™ and call blending.

The Call & Contact Centre Expo takes place on 18th and 19th March 2019 at ExCel in London. To register visit:

IRMS Conference 2020 Programme Announced ‘Information and Data: The Heart of your Organisation’

The Information and Records Management Society (IRMS) has revealed a three-day programme of more than 50 speakers, for its annual conference – IRMS Conference 2020. The conference takes place 17th – 19th May 2020 at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole (NEC) and this year focuses on ‘Information and Data: The Heart of your Organisation’.

Chair of the IRMS, Scott Sammons states: “This year we will be talking all things information, regulation and technology, as well as focusing on people and the softer skills needed by the modern information and records management professional.” Scott adds: “Experts in their field will be providing their insights alongside real-world case studies.”

More than 300 attendees from the information and records management industry will learn from a wide range of expert speakers, representing public and private sector organisations, government bodies and the academic world, in keynote presentations and more than 50 breakout sessions, addressing topical and controversial issues such as:


  • Does Information Governance Matter? Do we need it?
  • What Should Compliance Look Like?
  • Whose Legitimate Interest is it Anyway?
  • Are international standards relevant and should they be used?
  • What’s Information & Records Management Ever Done for us?

The IRMS Conference has a reputation for attracting high-profile speakers and keynote presentations and those confirmed for 2020 include Calum Liddle, The Office of the DPO at Facebook; Dawn Monaghan, Head of Information Governance Policy at NHSX (a new unit driving forward the digital transformation of health and social care); Ivana Bartoletti, Technical Director – Privacy at Deloitte and Judith Ellis, Managing Director at Enterprise Knowledge and Chair of the ISO Committee for Records Management Standards.

Scott adds: “Two years on from GDPR and new Data Protection laws coming into force and information and data is now very much at the heart of organisations. Consequently, the voice of information and records management professionals is louder than ever. It has resulted in real progress being made in areas such as legacy paper records, the shift from physical to digital, email management, integrating Office365 and good governance practice. At the IRMS Conference 2020 we will share best practice and continue to encourage collective and collaborative work, in order to ensure the momentum continues.”

In addition to the main conference programme that this year is hosted by Iron Mountain, the IRMS and OASIS will host the popular Conference Fringe and Sunday Social, providing delegates with the opportunity to network and socialise with their peers.

The IRMS Conference 2020 takes place on 17th 19th May 2020 at the Hilton Metropole. Registration is open now at

DBS Data Launches Full Service Direct Marketing Giving Brands Access to Individual Profiling, Modelling and Mailing at a Fixed Cost

DBS Data, the UK business and consumer marketing data expert today announced the launch of its Full Service Direct Marketing (DM) proposition, providing a solution for highly targeted direct mail for B2C and B2B campaigns, at a price point that would typically be associated with partially addressed and door drop mailings.

Brands using the DBS Data Full Service DM have access to a one-stop-shop, whereby they can securely and compliantly supply their data (or even a top line profile) along with the creative and the DBS team do the rest. Its data experts use advanced profiling techniques, statistical modelling and insight analytics to pinpoint individuals (or organisations in the case of a B2B campaign) located in the UK that have matching characteristics.

The client facing team at DBS have extensive knowledge with profiling and modelling and discuss on a case by case basis, budgets, key performance indicators and objectives to ensure the volume and targeting is aligned with the brands requirements. Once the consultation takes place, it is as simple as confirming the scale of the campaign, sitting back and letting DBS run the fulfilment of the campaign through its vast print partner network.

Commercial Director at DBS Data, Gary Brandon states: “The intensive process of bringing together a multitude of services and organisations to produce just one piece of direct marketing is taxing for brands large and small. Since the implementation of GDPR, we have seen a surge of brands using direct mail as a channel and as such, our new solution here not only makes direct mail accessible to the industry, it brings it in at a price point that rivals other services which are less targeted.”

The total cost per pack for a campaign delivered through DBS Data’s Full Service DM can be as low as 30p, and Gary explains that value to brands extends beyond the pack price. “Marketers can be assured that every pack is being sent to an individual that matches their criteria.” He adds: “There is certainly a place for partially addressed and door drop mailing that see value in scale or geographic restriction. However, if a brand wants to home in on the individual, then our new Full Service DM proposition delivers the best value and higher rates of success.”

DBS Data’s Full Service DM is available now and has already been successfully tried and tested by one of the UK’s largest charities. For more information visit:

Noetica Integrates Xdroid Artificial Intelligence Powered Real-Time Voice Analytics with its Contact Centre Solutions

Noetica – A British company, developing software products for the global contact centre market, today announced that it has partnered with Xdroid to integrate its machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) powered real-time voice analytics, with Noetica’s contact centre and telephony solution platform. The joint solution has been implemented at a large contact centre in the UK.

Through a proprietary direct interface, developed between Noetica and Xdroid, inbound and outbound calls are continuously monitored in real-time by an AI module listening in to each call in real time. During calls, administrators and team leaders are automatically presented with information, advice and actions on-screen, based on triggers (pre-defined by the contact centre) including language spoken, words and phrases detected, as well as analysis of emotion and sentiment.

Founder and CEO of Noetica, Danny Singer, states: “The synergy between our SynthesysTM agent productivity tools and Xdroid’s AI-powered voice analytics is a truly compelling proposition.” Singer adds: “It can provide any contact centre with one simple intuitive solution that drives quality, improves customer engagement and increases sales.” He continues: “All of this can be done whilst also strengthening compliance and raising agent standards through real time understanding of agent and customer behaviours which in turn leads to better training and coaching. In many ways, it is like having an experienced coach listening to each and every call in the contact centre in real time.”

As with all Noetica solutions, contact centres are empowered to manage the system themselves, as well as taking advantage of its professional services team of former contact centre specialists and technology experts. Supervisors have access to an intuitive dashboard from which agent performance can be monitored and any changes to sentiment and emotion triggers can be quickly made.

Managing Director of Xdroid International, Gerry de Graaf, comments: “In partnership, Noetica and Xdroid have created an industry first by seamlessly integrating truly real-time voice analytics with a powerful contact centre solutions platform.”

Noetica will be participating in the Annual Xdroid Partner Event in Budapest on the March 31st – April 1st 2020 and will introduce the solution in the UK on stand 2280 at Call & Contact Centre Expo, which takes place on 18th and 19th March 2020 at ExCel in London.

Linx International Group Makes Security Training More Accessible and Affordable for Armed Forces Personnel with Defence Discount Service

Linx International Group – the world’s leading provider of accredited security systems training courses has today announced it is supporting members of the armed forces, veterans and the wider military community, by offering 28 courses through the Defence Discount Service. A wide range of 28 classroom and online courses, focusing on security management and technical skills are available now from PerpetuityARC Training and Tavcom Training with a 20% discount.

Each year approximately 15,000 personnel leave the UK armed forces. As a Career Transition Partnership preferred partner, the Linx International Group has helped many hundreds of armed forces personnel to make the transition to employment on civvy street through its wide range of accredited security courses and qualifications. Sarah Hayward-Turton, Sales and Marketing Director at the Linx International Group states: “We have carefully selected some of our most relevant IQ, BTEC and certificated courses to be made available through the Defence Discount Service.”

The Defence Discount Service is the only official Ministry of Defence discount service for the Armed Forces, Veterans and Defence Community. The free to register service is accessible to people currently serving in the Armed Forces and their spouses/partners (including bereaved family members), reserves and cadets (over 16), MoD civil servants, NATO personnel in the UK and veterans.

Sarah Hayward-Turton adds: “The security industry can offer a hugely rewarding second career for ex-servicemen and women, but it is not without its challenges. There are many skills that are transferable, but it is important to have industry recognised qualifications to sit alongside experience, in order to get ahead in an increasingly competitive industry.”

The availability of technical and security management training courses through the Defence Discount Service, follows a recent initiative announced by the Defence Secretary on 1st November 2019. Through a newly formed Defence Transition Service, military personnel and their families will receive enhanced support from the Ministry of Defence as they re-join civilian life.

The classroom-based and online courses available now from PerpetuityARC Training and Tavcom Training (with a 20% Defence Discount Service reduction) include:

PerpetuityARC Training

To view all PerpetuityARC Training courses that are applicable for the Defence Discount, visit:

Tavcom Training

To view all Tavcom Training courses that are applicable for the Defence Discount, visit:

Tavcom Training and SSAIB Partner to Maintain High Standards Throughout the UK Security Industry

Tavcom Training – the world’s leading provider of accredited security systems training courses and part of the Linx International Group – has today announced a partnership with the Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board (SSAIB). Tavcom will provide registered firms of the professional certification body with access to technical security training, as part of a long-term initiative to raise standards throughout the UK security industry. The first joint activity is a BTEC Level 3 Certificate in Mains Compliance.

SSAIB Chief Executive, Alex Carmichael, states: “Training is essential to the security industry – as it helps to ensure that high standards are met and exceeded. However, as a professional certification body the SSAIB does not deliver training. By linking up with Tavcom we are able to provide our 1800 registered firms with the opportunity to access the industry training that they may need.”

The SSAIB and Tavcom previously joined forces in support of the Certified Technical Security Professionals (CTSP) Register, which recognises competency of individuals fulfilling technical roles in the electronic security and fire sectors (the Register is operated by Tavcom). Carmichael adds: “The CTSP Register is an excellent initiative that has had the full endorsement of the SSAIB from day one. Our certification provides a recognised mark of excellence for organisations, whilst CTSP maintains a register of individuals that meet a high level of proficiency. Together we are helping to maintain standards and professionalise this vitally important industry.”

Group Sales Manager at Tavcom, Andrew Saywell, comments: “The Main Compliance course is the first initiative in what we expect to be a long and successful partnership, between two leading organisations in the security industry that are united in the ambition to maintain the very highest standards of practice, through accredited training and rigorous certification.”

The next one-day Mains Compliance course takes place on 30th March 2020 in Whitley Bay. It is suited to all who work on or near a live electrical supply and need to ensure that they are a ‘competent person’ under the terms of the ‘electricity at work’ regulation. For more information and to register visit:

TDSi Launches New GARDiS Cyber Secure and Web Embedded Access Controller

Integrated security manufacturer TDSi is proud to announce the launch of its new web server embedded GARDiS access controller. Designed to be fully cyber secure, as well as easy and quick to install, the new controller is available in one, two or four door versions to suit all requirements and budgets. 

TDSi’s Managing Director, John Davies commented, “The new GARDiS Controller is the latest addition to our full integrated GARDiS range and has been launched in response to the current market challenges faced by installers. Requiring minimal training to install, maintain and operate, it features comprehensive built-in cyber security along with embedded web server access.”

John added, “The controller embraces the GARDiS ethos by featuring an intuitive design and full expansion capabilities, including integration with Simons Voss and Assa Abloy wireless locks. It also features a Five-Year Warranty and no quibble returns policy, making it the perfect product to specify and quote for any installation project.”

The new GARDiS Controller features include:

  • Embedded web server
  • Fits up to 10 wireless locks using Aperio / Smart Intego (either using Aperio, Simons Voss, or additional doors)
  • 5000 card capacity + 15,000 event buffer
  • 1000 + access groups
  • Up to 10 slave units per master controller giving control of up to 44 doors through the web server
  • Optional 8 input/output modules
  • Lift control with optional I/O for up to 80 floors
  • Compatible with ANSSI / OSDP level-2-compliant secure readers
  • Universal reader decoder
  • Multi-reader protocols RS485, Wiegand and Clock&Data
  • Anti-pass back, anti-time back, transit delaying

TDSi also offers GARDiS Extension Modules to increase the number of doors or equipment in the system. The extension units are purchased along with a license dongle to insert into the master unit. The available extensions are:

  • GARDiS 4 EXT (4-door Extension Module),
  • GARDiS I/O EXT (8-pin input/output extension module),
  • Wireless IP Locks – with versions available for Assa Abloy – Aperio AH30 1-8 Comms Hub and Simons Voss – Smart Intego Gateway Node (A maximum of 10 extension units or 10 Wireless locks may be used),
  • License Dongles – These are physical pin dongles that allow for easy licensing of extensions. By using the dongles, you can extend a system by the quantity of doors listed below, in addition to the number of doors controlled directly through the Master unit),
  • GARDiS Web 10, GARDiS Web 20 and GARDiS Web 44 dongles (which extend systems up to 10, 20 and 44 doors respectively).

The new TDSi GARDiS Controllers and Extension Modules are available from TDSi channel distributors now.

For more information on TDSi please visit:

PerpetuityARC Training Launches UK’s Only ASIS Associate Protection Professional Course

PerpetuityARC Training, part of Linx International Group – the world’s leading provider of accredited security systems training courses and an ASIS Preferred CPE Provider – has today announced that it is the first and only organisation in the UK to offer training for the ASIS International Associate Protection Professional® (APP®) certification.

The APP® exam assesses the knowledge of security management fundamentals – business operations, risk management and response management. This Board certification is an internationally-recognised security management accreditation, ideal for security management professionals with one to four years of experience. Upon passing the exam the post-nominals ‘APP’ may be used.

Sarah Hayward-Turton APP, is the Sales and Marketing Director at the Linx International Group and last year achieved the APP® qualification. Sarah states: “PerpetuityARC Training is committed to supporting security management professionals at every stage of their career. The APP® is an important first rung on the ladder, offering an internationally-recognised Board certification.” Sarah adds: “Having been through the process myself, I would advise others that the right preparation is key.”

In October 2019, the Linx International Group was confirmed as the UK’s first global ASIS International Preferred CPE Provider. It is now the only training provider in the UK that can guide security management professionals from  APP® all the way through to the ASIS Physical Security Professional (PSP®) and Certified Protection Professional (CPP®). For security professionals wanting the best possible preparation for the APP® exam, PerpetuityARC Training is now offering its courses online, as well as a five-day classroom-based bootcamp.

Security professionals taking the APP® course will have the opportunity to review and discuss relevant materials, complete practice exam papers, and receive one-to-one tutor support with an experienced subject matter expert. PerpetuityARC Training’s online learning platform also provides access to practice exam questions and materials within the key domains – security fundamentals, business operations, risk management and response management.

Sarah continues: “As an ASIS CPE Training Provider and the first and only to offer the APP preparation course, we are working hard to help security professionals with many routes to continue their professional education.” 

For more information visit: